Costa Coffee Eastbourne, Tiramisu Latte.



Today, after my annual winter flu jab, I thought I would indulge in another winter event. Sampling one of the beverages from Costa Coffee’s winter menu.

The Costa Staff in Eastbourne had done a super job putting out all the promotional materials and making the cake displays look enticing. My eyes were wide open as I randomly selected a Small Tiramisu Latte at £2.95.

The chap on the Coffee machine (he’s not in any of the pictures) seemed hesitant as he created my refreshment. Now, I had to smile, Costa’s presentation is normally top notch but what I was handed looked like a glass of warm milk with a row of uncooked chipolatas on top.

Once seated I decided it would be wise to give it a decent stirring as I struggled mentally with the idea of supping on Sausage Meat.

Once it looked like something I would drink I was able to enjoy it but not as much as I had expected.

The Coffee was somewhat wishy washy and the Flavouring added very little.

The guys in this branch always work to a high standard and always friendly so I will return but next time Tiramisu will definitely not be on my lips.

Cheers  Den



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