Costa Coffee, Cosham


It was a wet bank holiday morning on the outskirts of Portsmouth and I had 45 minutes before my train to Brighton was due.
Luckily for me there was a Costa Coffee a couple of hundred yards from Cosham Railway Station.
On entering the store it was noticeable how clean and tidy it was.
There wasn’t any queue and the young Barista was polite and friendly as he took my order of a Medium Latte (£2.45)
Before taking my Coffee I needed to visit the restroom which was clean and in good order.
The Latte itself was the usual Costa high standard.
Mindful of my train I enjoyed my Latte even though I drunk it slightly quicker than I otherwise would have.
I did have time to skim through the newspaper which was reporting on European Elections on the front and Champions League Soccer on the back.
I noticed the soft level music playing before getting up to resume my travels. I was now feeling somewhat rejuvenated.
A young lady collected my glass and thanked me and as I left both of the staff said goodbye. How polite.
All in all this was a good experience and would recommend this Costa to anyone visiting the area.
Cheers Den

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