Starbucks, Eastbourne




On the 24th September I received an email from Starbucks UK suggesting as a loyal customer I go in and be one of the first to try their new seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte. Into Starbucks Eastbourne I promptly went, (daily for the next 3 days in fact) only to be told they don’t have it yet. Naughty marketing people…. shouldn’t over promise! Anyway, they finally got it in so I had to give it a go. Not the first time for me as I have had this particular creation several times in Minneapolis but it has been a while so why not?
I opted for ‘Grande’ which was £3.30 and it was prepared with a heap of whipped cream and sprinkled with an intoxicating scattering of cinnamon. They handed me a plastic spoon so I could devour it like a dessert and to complete the service they confidently invited me to give feedback as to my enjoyment.
As I ‘tucked in’, one of the baristas walked around with a tray of Samples to spread the Pumpkin Spice Fever. You can’t fault their enthusiasm and the drink was rather nice too. It has something of a winter warmer indulgent taste to it, no good as a morning pick up but I could imagine groups of shoppers having it as a feel good tonic after a couple of hours shopping. Although it is spicy, it is quite sweet so moderation is called for if you’re dieting.
I enjoyed it and appreciate a bit of variety from time to time. In store promotional material suggested pairing the Pumpkin Spice Latte with a slice of Pumpkin Spice Cake. I may well have done but there was’t any Pumpkin Spice Cake left!
Recommended for Autumnal Types

Cheers Den

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