Starbucks, Eastbourne


Today Red Mugs arrived at Starbucks and they were offering buy one get one free on the Christmas crafted drinks. I chose a Gingerbread Latte with a free Eggnog Latte. Toffee Nut and Praline Mocha were the other options.
Starbucks was very busy but my order was taken quickly and the Barista worked hard to satisfy the huddle around the service area .
My Gingerbread Latte was served with whipped and had a good spicy taste. My Eggnog was good though having it straight after the Gingerbread gave me a funny sensation at first.
I used to enjoy Eggnog from time to time in a cafe in Tottenham. A Jamaican woman there once told me it ‘puts lead in your pencil’…. whatever that means!
Anyway my Eggnog was much appreciated though I have to say that both drinks were a little too sweet for my maturing taste buds.
The Store also featured some Christmas merchandise which looked appealing and I was relieved that the music playing was not of the Christmas Genre.
The weather outside is frightful and I think all the Coffee Shops are ready for a busy season. Judging by this visit I know Starbucks are.
Recommended for Holiday Cheer!

Cheers Den

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