AMT, Eastbourne



Situated on the concourse in Eastbourne’s railway station is AMT Coffee. Just the job for commuters but how are they on a Saturday at noon?
There were just a few customers about and a couple of team members behind the shiney AMT kiosk. I think there was some in-house training going on at the time. I ordered a large latte and paid my £2.60. My Coffee was quickly placed on the counter in a coated foam mug. I took it to the adjacent seating area and proceeded to drink my latte. It was an acceptable product I would say. If I was half asleep and facing an early morning journey I would have appreciated it greatly. Ordinarily I wouldn’t come here this time of day because there are other coffee bars with better atmosphere, more relaxing furnishings and a higher level of service. On the plus side if you are in town looking for a take out, you could order and take out a ‘coffee to go’ quicker than in Starbucks, Costa or Nero’s.
Recommended for commuters and time pressed workers on quick breaks.

Cheers Den

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