Starbucks, Eastbourne

wpid-1332429378650.pngStarbucks insidewpid-1332429378650.pngstarbucks shot poster

Thursday afternoon and it’s a sunny day in Eastbourne. Perfect for the first of Three visits to Starbucks. Located inside the Arndale shopping mall, It gets way too busy in there when it’s wet or cold.
It’s much quieter today than on the morning of 14th March when they were giving away free ‘tall’ drinks to everyone who said their name… the queue that day was out the door. They also were handing out some discount vouchers too.
Today I used one of those vouchers to get a Grande Latte for just £1.25.
In Starbucks I tend to go for a paper cup and done so today despite the new design mugs being used.
The staff here are hard working and the shop at times seems to be under staffed. In actual fact they have a window poster advertising for ‘qualified’ staff.
This is probably the noisiest coffee shop in Eastbourne as they tend to attract lots of mums with crying babies and groups of young excitable international language students. Today it was not like that. It was possible to hear the sound of the smooth jazz.
I got myself into a relaxing armchair and enjoyed the coffee. Today I had been to the gym and had just been reading how coffee aids workout recovery! Happy Days!
There have been a lot of changes at Starbucks recently and I have to say the staff at Eastbourne have embraced change for the benefit of the customer.
Recommended as a fun and casual place to have your Coffee.

Still in Eastbourne and another sunny day I was almost tempted to join the people in the ‘sun terrace’ (smoking area) outside Coffee Republic. I fancied a filter coffee, the kind of coffee that people often make at home.
Starbucks again then, filter is £1.50 for a tall cup (small size) so that’s what I had. I got them to put some hot milk in it and that transformed it into a more complete beverage.
If you usually drink latte the taste may be a bit harsh or bitter at first but it has a good kick and is good value in these tough times.
A couple of months ago I was drinking filter every day for a whole week and though it’s not as seductive on the menu, I lived to tell the tale.
The filter coffee itself is available to buy and as a loyalty card holder you would get a free drink with your purchase.

The next morning at 10:30 and I’m back to Starbucks for my Morning cup.
I chose another Grande Latte at £2.50 and used my loyalty card to pay. The service as usual was friendly, the coffee could have been a bit stronger but that’s my fault for not asking for an extra shot. There was a poster saying the Tall (small) cups will now be having 2 shots making the in fact stronger than the Grande (Medium).
The shop looked fairly tidy despite being pretty busy today.
I was difficult to enjoy my visit however because of the noise. There were a couple of families with well mannered kids but there was also a small group of (attractive) women with the noisiest little horrors I have encountered in some time. What can you do ?

Cheers  Den

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