Costa Coffee, Eastbourne



Saturday morning 8am, before the rush. Medium Latte for me @£2.45 & I collected 10 points on my loyalty card. The 2 girls serving were welcoming and efficient.
There was some mellow music playing and a scattering of customers of all ages all sitting, reading papers or checking smartphone while obviously drinking their Costa brew.
I have to say my cup was perfect. Great Strength, Taste and Texture. Fantastic.
I have been enjoying Costa since working at Gatwick Airport in the 90’s. Costa was an Independent chain back then and most of the staff were Italian.
This branch is, I would say, a good example of how a Costa should be but sometimes it gets a bit hectic. This morning for me however was really quite faultless.

Another day and it’s Costa Coffee once more, I very nearly went in the Marks & Spencers cafe to sample their offerings but it was way too busy. Nearly every table had an elderly lady or couple sitting at it. Surely M&S isn’t like that the whole time…. I’ll try again next week.

So, Costa it was then. Trade seemed steady as I walked in the door, they had a small queue and three team members as I could see. Large latte as usual for me (I will surely gselect alternatives in the weeks ahead) £2.45 which earns me 10p in loyalty points on their card scheme. One of the guys working remembered that I prefer not to have a spoon on my saucer. Great Service if they remember all their regular customer’s oddities.

The coffee itself tasted ok, Usual strength, flavour and Milkyness. The frothy head seemed a bit bigger than normal and if you had a beer like that I guess some would complain. It was a Latte though and I enjoyed it.

Cheers Den


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